Floss Silk Futon


High-Quality Warmth from Old Traditional Technique Passes Down Its Warmth

Kyoto Nishikawa proudly introduces Floss Silk Futon, one of our finest pieces created by our skilled futon craftsmen using exquisitely patterned futon fabric. The fabric, fillings, and the lining are made of silk. For the fillings, we use silk floss produced from cocoons after carefully processed in hot water and manually pressed. The final form takes shape as flat plates.

Floss Silk Futon is gentle on your skin and avoids stuffiness with its moisture-absorbing property. The lightweight and soft futon keeps close to your body and offers an excellent heat-retaining feature. In addition, it has less static clings and keeps off the dusts. 

* Our products are designed to meet your preference.  Price will vary. Please reach us at info@kyoto-nishikawa.com for questions.