Duvet Futon


By Japanese Craftsmanship

Our Duvet Futon is designed to contain more air and rest comfortably on your body. To increase the maximum capacity of the overfilled and soft lifting quality of the down, a gentle and light-weight fabric was developed.

The material is made from 100% cotton, consisting a raw fiber called “Suvin cotton” that is grown only in Southern India. Our advanced spinning and textile technology turn the raw cotton from what was first hand-picked into fine threads, intertwisting the yarns to produce 480T (approx. 22dtex). These threads are perfect for the super light-weight fabric with its high strength and shining finish.

To make the best of this excellent fabric, we have adopted a quilting style that has gussets in the quilting area to allow smooth and consistent filling.

* Our products are designed to meet your preference.  Price will vary. Please reach us at info@kyoto-nishikawa.com for questions.