Why Kyoto Nishikawa?

At Kyoto Nishikawa in Kyoto, Japan, we value the combination of innovation and traditional. Since we firmly believe in our craftsmanship, many of the manufacturing processes and product inspections are still manually performed by our experienced duvet futon masters. 

We embrace every piece and concept that is indispensable for our duvets: Down, Textile, Quilt, and Quality. 

Embrace of Down

Clean air and water is crucial to raise healthy geese. We carefully select the high-quality down and feather for our products from our trusted farms. 

High-quality down has a massive amount of fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a layer of air. Because of down’s resilience, all you have to do to fluff your duvet back up is give a good shake to your duvet. 

Our top-quality down offers extra heat retention with its excellent fill power (= bulkiness of down). 

We strive to offer completely cleaned, hygienic, and fluffy down filling that passed the strictest quality inspection, and we guarantee the accuracy of the content rate of down. 

Everything is our commitment to trust and reliability. 

Embrace of Textile

100% cotton is used for the shells to make the best of use of lightness and softness of our down. 

For extra luxury, we have a lineup of exceptionally soft and light duvets, created with our exceptional weaving technology. The shells are so luminous and supple they look and feel like silk. 

Embrace of Quilt

The quilting on the shell is specially designed and sewn to allow the filling to trap a lot of air and expand as much as possible for maximum warmth. 

Embrace of Quality

Our entire production processes are thoroughly controlled and monitored to ensure the best quality and safety. We practice the strictest quality control at our ISO9001, 14001, and 13485 certified plant.