Hospitality Industry

Sleep comfort is one of the highest-rated  guest satisfaction factors at hotels. To offer a good night's sleep to your guests, bedding play a key role, and Kyoto Nishikawa is here for you to help.

Our duvet is designed to contain more air and rest comfortably on the body. The fabric is manufactured through our advanced spinning and textile technology, and the quilting style with specially-designed baffle boxes allows smooth and consistent filling. These features offer more heat retention than other duvet manufacturers.

What happen when your guests are happily wrapped in our duvet and stay warm? They do not feel the necessity to raise the room temperature. Our research shows that if every guest room increases the room temperature by 1° F at hotel with 200 guest rooms, it will cost extra $10,000 per month.

We also carry extraordinary, "one of a kind" product for your suites and model rooms. Our premium products made of exceptional materials and craftsmanship are going to make your hotel room even more special for your guests.

To know more about carrying Kyoto Nishikawa in your hotel or store, please contact us.

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