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Kyoto, Japan – a place of outstanding natural beauty backed by a thousand years of history continues to embrace the climate to honor its ‘pure essence’, based on time-proven tradition that passes its legacy 
from one generation to the next.

Kyoto Nishikawa was founded in Oumi (western part of Japan) in 1566. We started our new business in
Kyoto in 1750, and since 1887, we have been disseminating the new culture of life with ‘futon’. What can
we do to offer a comfortable sleep? It is the question Kyoto Nishikawa has been dedicated to answer. 
We approached by investing all of our knowledge and spirit of craftsmanship we have inherited from previous generations. In addition to that, we’ve selected good materials for the products we proudly call “genuine”, using our time-served and cutting-edge technologies. They are the cultural power cultivated in Kyoto. ‘Sleep’ is the pivot of healthy daily life. Kyoto Nishikawa is committed to pursuing better quality of
sleep for healthy and enriched life to the world.



1566                Nishikawa established – the founder started sales of mosquito nets and other houseware at the age of 19

1615                Opened a first branch store (Tsumamidana Store) on Nihonbashi Ave. in Tokyo

1750               Opened the Kyo Store in Kyoto (now Kyoto Nishikawa)

1833                Jingoro, the 9th generation of Nishikawa, was authorized as a purveyor bowyer to Tokugawa Shogunate

1887                Started sales of futon at Kyo and Osaka Stores

1952                Started bedding improvement campaign

1984                Released RoseTechny, a thin mattress with medical functions

1992                Released Radical Mattress with the padding of double-wave structure stuffing

2016                Celebrated the 450th anniversary 


Kyoto Nishikawa
Luxury bedding company Nishikawa Co., Ltd. celebrates over 450 years of Japanese tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship for serving the finest quality of sleep.


Kyoto Office

Company Name: Nishikawa Co., Ltd.
Year of Foundation: 1566
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Products: Rose Futon, Rose Duvet, Rose Techny, Rose Wave Mattress, Blankets, Pillows, Baby Bedding, etc.